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Feb 10, 2019

Using the core story from our religious education program this month, “The Fig Seed” from Buddhist scripture, we’ll look at human nature itself. What are true things we can say about what makes us uniquely human? How does our humanity, biologically and spiritually expressed, compel us to live?

Feb 3, 2019

Even in the midst of uncertainty, the energy of the New Year is upon us. Somehow the switch from one month to the next inspires a cultural sense of hope, change, and possibility. And yet, we’re still the same people we were a couple of weeks ago, facing the same challenges and conflicts from before! Is the “New...

Jan 20, 2019

Rev. Ladd and Rev. Weatherspoon look at the prophetic & pressing themes in Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” How can we take the person, & the text, & the implications for the present day seriously enough to make new ways of being possible?

Jan 6, 2019

This month, the story our children and youth will grapple with is all about transforming evil – not ignoring it, not looking away, but actively changing it into something else. Maybe this is why “movements” are called that. Perhaps being in the midst of the transformation, personally or socially, is the most...

Dec 23, 2018

Enjoy a traditional retelling of the Christmas story with music and carols.