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Oct 15, 2017

Our Coming of Age youth share their belief statements.  How do beliefs change over time?  What do you have to let go of to be able to fully express your current beliefs?

Oct 8, 2017

Last Spring we joined with hundreds of other UU Congregations around the country in the first-ever teach-in dedicated to the dismantling of white supremacy in our institutions and in the world.  This Sunday, Rev. Nancy will be joined by Community Minister and organizer Rev Archene Turner for part two of this ongoing...

Oct 1, 2017

As Rev. Nancy returns from Sabbatical at the end of the Jewish High Holidays, she will examine how we come to know ourselves in all of our complexity.  We begin our work in the world all over again, in love.

Sep 24, 2017

How racial privilege shapes all aspects of living is a hot topic in the nation and our UU denomination these days. This sermon will revisit a classic essay by Dr. Peggy McIntosh, "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack."  How might we purposefully decide to keep seeing whiteness, and the access and advantages...

Sep 17, 2017

We affirm that RRUUC is a welcoming place, and our congregational culture is often described as friendly. Welcome matters even more in a time period when many feel under attack. Could we expand our warm hospitality further, making it more explicit that all are welcome? Might we include more people intentionally, as part...