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Aug 27, 2017

Following the passing of the stalwart soul of our eldest member, Sallie Toney, we'll reflect on the theology that shaped her and guided our congregational life for the many decades in which she led the way around here.

Aug 20, 2017

As Rev Ladd prepares to head out on a month of study focused on the relationship we optimistic religious progressives have toward tragedy and atonement, we'll look at the hope and healing that come with being one with one another and the holy.

Aug 13, 2017

Alexa Fraser, Ministerial Intern.  RRUUCers are generous in their giving, and sometimes more hesitant to receive. How might receiving enhance our spiritual growth and connections to others? What would more fearless receiving look like?

Aug 6, 2017

Gabrielle Farrell, Lifespan Religious Educator talks about pets' blessings in our lives.