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Dec 23, 2018

Enjoy a traditional retelling of the Christmas story with music and carols.

Dec 16, 2018

The River Road Choir sings Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols."

Dec 9, 2018

How can we welcome the in-between spaces of our lives? The in-between identities we hold? The middle spots between supposed opposites? The world stretches out between the dichotomies, and maybe peace is found in between.

Dec 2, 2018

As we near the middle of the path of Great Turning, we reflect while facing forward. While we move into a place of “Peace” in December, how can we move away from Peace as a notion of zero conflict and maximum happiness to an understanding of Peace as Clarity and Knowing? In This Great Turning we learn to lean on...

Nov 25, 2018

Spiritual teachers often speak about the cultivation of a “devotional” life. What are you truly devoted to? What does it feel like to live a life of devotion?