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Jan 28, 2018

Grace VanderVeer, Elaine Johnson, and Chris Calhoun.

Improv artists have an ability to be present.  They respond in well-timed ways to what each moment offers using a technique of “Yes, And…” in order to build energy and community.  Life is a series of moments that build to great adventures.  Join us as we...

Jan 21, 2018

Doing justice these days, and over the long haul, requires stamina and compassion.  How might we develop ways of being that are grounding, healing and restorative?

Jan 7, 2018

Hope is our theme for the month of January.  This week, we’ll reflect on the idea that hope is not an end in itself, but a propelling force that pushes us out into courage and commitment.  It is a starting point.  And we all have to start the next part of our journey somewhere.