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Sep 20, 2020

Rev Nancy McDonald Ladd with Beth Irikura and Chris McCann.

Join our religious education team and Rev. Nancy for an exploration of the rituals and practices that can ground our lives even in tumultuous times.  What practices of peace do you make space for in your life?  In the life of your family?

Sep 13, 2020

This month’s worship theme is renewal. Rev. Nancy looks at what drains us of our power and capacity in this anxious age and what spiritual and emotional tools we can use to open ourselves up to renewal.

Sep 6, 2020

Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd & Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon.

Join us as we share our water communion and reflect on the power of a living tradition and the gifts of an ever-changing collective call. 

These days, we’re often hearing the phrase “New Normal” in regards to the many ways our lives are shifting and changing....